Services Provided

Pickleball Program:
Play without arm pain! Our therapists will evaluate the joint mechanics of your shoulders, elbow, wrist and digits to determine the cause of your pain. Treatment will utilize manual therapy techniques and targeted muscle facilitation and relaxation resulting in reduction of symptoms. Our goal is painfree playing without splints and without taking a break from your game.

"Gains without pain" Program:
Are your workouts painful? Pain during strength training isn't necessary and could be attributed to a muscle imbalance which can lead to dysfunction in your joint mechanics. Engage in an individualized musculoskeletal evaluation that focuses on pain reduction and muscle balance to help you get back to the gym painfree.

Upper Extremity Pain Program:
Do you have negative results on your nerve study, MRI scans, or xray yet still have pain? We specialize in reduction of symptoms for patients with unexplained upper extremity pain. Learn techniques to reduce neural tension, fascial adhesions and skin restrictions to decrease pain and improve function.

Upper Extremity Arthritis Program:
"Save" your joints. Learn about joint protection and energy conservation. A custom fabricated splint could help to support your painful joints. Paraffin wax treatments along with an exercise program could help alleviate your pain and improve your motion.

Scar Management:
We treat scars resulting from C-sections, burns, plastic surgery, wounds, etc. A variety of activities and techniques are used to eliminate scar pain and hypersensitivity. Adherent silicon dressings are also available to improve scar appearance, inhibit additional scar formation and flatten existing scar tissue.

Tendinitis Program:
Acquire techniques to decrease your pain and return to your previous level of activity, whether it involved tennis, golf, lifting, cooking or child care. Learn about the warning signs of "texters" thumb and "new mommy syndrome" and ways to reduce discomfort and improve flexibility.

Ergonomic Evaluation:
Discover correct computer work station set up. Acquire methods for prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders resulting from work and home computer use.

Activities of Daily Living:
Do you have difficulty with daily activities (dressing, bathing, writing, cutting food, opening containers)? Discover how adaptive equipment can make your daily routing a little easier, thereby restoring your independence. Using cutting edge technology the BTE allows us to replicate hundreds of real world jobs and daily living functions.

Carpal Tunnel, Education and Prevention Program:
Stop the "tingles". Learn about carpal tunnel syndrome. Discover how to alleviate your numbness, tingling and arm pain. A custom made splint could position your wrist helping to decrease your symptoms possibly preventing surgery.

Custom fabricated splints and fracture braces ensure a perfect fit for optimal therapeutic outcome. Our therapists are also experienced fitting patients with EDS and hyper mobility disorders for silver ring splints.

Pregnancy Program/New Mommy Program:
Upper extremity pain during pregnancy and after delivery is quite common. Carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger (clicking) fingers, and thumb/wrist tendinitis are prevalent. Learn the cause of your pain and ways to decrease it. Better sleep, increased function, and ability to care for your baby without pain will be achieved.

Scleroderma Program:
Learn techniques to improve skin mobility and joint range of motion to improve function and maintain independence in activities of daily living.

Therapeutic Techniques

    • Kinesiotape is the original elastic therapeutic tape that can be used for pain relief, increased motion, increased circulation, decreased swelling and improved muscle functioning.  When applied strategically kinesio tape can be used to influence skin, fascia, muscle, tendon, ligament or joint in order to restore balance in the body.   
    • Cupping is used to provide local pain relief and muscle relaxation, increased fascial mobility. 
    • Tuning Fork vibration is a form of mechanical energy that impacts the connective tissue of the body. It's helpful to remodel scar tissue, decrease pain and improve mobility.  
    • Dermoneuromodulation interactive and light form of manual therapy used to facilitate change in the nervous system. It adopts the idea that in order to facilitate changes in pain and motor output the focus of treatment needs to be on the nervous system. By moving the skin in a slow and light fashion away from the area of pain, it helps create more space for the grumpy nerve to move. DNM utilizes comfort inducing positions to ease the mechanical deformation of nerves and may help to reduce noxious stimuli. 
    • IASTM: instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization is a skilled myofascial intervention used for soft tissue treatment to mobilize muscles, fascia, tendons and reduce pain, increased blood flow to tissues and improve movement. 
    • Fluidotherapy is a modality of dry heat that uses a suspended air stream with the properties of a liquid. It simultaneously performs the functions of applied heat, massage, and sensory stimulation levitation and pressure oscillations. It is also referred to as a dry whirlpool.
    • LASER Light Therapy is a treatment used for reduction of chronic and acute pain. It increases ATP production to promote healing and reduce nerve cell excitbility.
    • Therapeutic exercises
    • Desensitization
    • Scar Management/Massage
    • Edema Management
    • Adaptive equipment training
    • Pain management
    • Soft Tissue Mobilization
    • Paraffin Bath
    • Splinting
    • Ultrasound
    • Electrical Stimulation
    • Range Of Motion
    • Muscle Strengthening
Common Diagnosis Treated:

    • Tennis/Golfer's elbow
    • Arthritis
    • Carpal/cubital Tunnel
    • Rotator cuff tear/surgery
    • Shoulder instability/surgery
    • Shoulder impingement
    • Frozen Shoulder
    • Nerve Injuries
    • Tumor/cyst removal
    • Rheumatoid/osteoarthritis
    • Dupuytren's disease
    • Trigger finger/thumb
    • DeQuervain's tenosynovitis
    • Fractures
    • Amputations
    • Muscular Pain
    • Sports-related Injuries
    • Work-related Injuries
    • Tendonitis
    • Post-surgical Rehabilitation


Office hours vary in each location